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Waste, overflow and filling unit Plus 5, Ø 52 mm, 1070 mm

Item number: B620

The bath water level can be increased by 5 cm.

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1 - Z0017451 Seal for overflow with filling from 2/2015 (Valid from: 2014/1)
2 - Z0017273 Seal for overflow with filling
3 - Z0020186 Fitting Set Trio Plus 5, chrome
4 - Z0017268 Plus 5 rotary rosette, overflow, chrome
5 - Z0017266 Valve plug waste fitting, 52 mm, chrome
6 - Z0017465 Screw, waste fitting, 52 mm
7 - Z0017468 Valve bonnet waste fitting, 52 mm, chrome
8 - Z0008925 Double seal
9 - Z0017483 Connection piece for waste & overflow fitting with inlet
10 - Z0017478 Sleeve overflow pipe
11 - Z0017477 Overflow pipe L1=660, L2=300
12 - Z0020067 Aerator for waste and overflow set Plus 5 with inlet
13 - Z0017474 Bowden cable, 1070 mm (Valid from: 2015/7)
14 - Z0017718 Waste bend 45°
15 - Z0017485 Screw, valve plug waste fitting, 52 mm
16 - Z0017463 Seal for valve plug, waste fitting, 52 mm
The water level can be increased by 5 cm with the waste and overflow fitting Plus 5. It also allows the bath to be filled from the overflow body. The fitting has a drainage capacity of 0.92 l/s and a water seal depth of 50mm. Installation is easy even with narrow bath rims thanks to the flexible overflow housing and the installation depth of only 33 mm. The Bowden cable length is 1070 mm, and is compatible with many of our baths with a 52 mm drain hole.
Material: Plastic
suitable for: Baths
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