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Item number: B57-0213
Bath cushion with integrated magnet.
166,60 €
Item number: B57-0212
Bath cushion with integrated magnet.
276,08 €
Item number: B57-0211
Bath cushion with integrated magnet.
166,60 €
Item number: B57-0210
Bath cushion with integrated magnet.
276,08 €
Item number: ZUB_0349
Heart-shaped bowl made of glazed titanium steel.
30,94 €

Bathroom accessories

How can the impressive design of exclusive bathroom products be perfectly complemented? With elegant bathroom accessories! Properly arranged, bathroom accessories create an atmosphere of well-being without overpowering the refined ambience of your oasis of relaxation. High-quality accessories make your bathroom even more beautiful and enrich it with functional and fascinating elements. Enjoy Bette bathroom accessories and their symbiosis of design and production.

Style and design

Aesthetically designed bathroom accessories complement the overall composition of the room. If they match the style of the shower tray, bath or washbasin, for example, they can be used to create a coherent image. You can then complement our BetteLux Shape design line with matching bathroom accessories. Black or white towel rails, mirrors and matching BetteLux Shape stools: bathroom accessories can make a small but significant difference as elegant additions.


Regardless of whether the style of the bathroom is modern or traditional - bathroom accessories should not lose anything in terms of functionality due to their design. Be it the towel rail or the bath shelf: high-quality bathroom accessories form a combination of aesthetics and functionality. Cleverly selected, they help to make optimal use of the space and to design it clearly and functionally. Our bathroom accessories are therefore not only convincing in terms of their appearance and quality, but also offer you excellent handling thanks to their design.

Material and texture

High-quality materials such as carefully crafted steel or real wood provide your bathroom accessories with the necessary robustness - and the longevity that goes with it. Quality bathroom accessories are characterised by their convincing design, function and material quality. Be it bath cushions, decorative bowls or elements from the BetteLux design line: high-quality surfaces and textures convey a feeling of luxury and perfect the sensual experience in the bathroom with their stylish design.

B57-0210_BetteRelax weiß_2 Stück_01_Website_content.jpg

Comfort and wellness

Nothing beats stylish accessories that pulse the feel-good factor at the same time. For example, when it comes to transforming your bath into an absolute favourite place. After all, bathroom accessories are not limited to being practical and robust helpers. Sometimes it's simply about comfort and relaxation. Comfort is, of course, closely linked to the quality of the bathroom accessories. Because if your magnetic bath cushion doesn't stay in your favourite reclining position, it will limit your serenity during your downtime. 

Pure relaxation

Bath accessories such as the BetteRelax bath cushion are small stylish details that considerably increase your well-being. The magnetic bath cushions are ergonomically shaped and allow you to lie down in a relaxed position. The integrated magnet of the flexible Bette bath cushion adheres securely to glazed titanium-steel surfaces and ensures that the bath cushion does not lose its grip even under water. In addition, BetteRelax optimally adapts to the neck area as well as to any desired position of the enamel bath. So you can use it not only as a neck cushion, but also as an armrest, footrest or buttock support. After all, a cushion for the bath should leave nothing to be desired. Our magnetic Bette bath cushion is available in black or white and in a double version for 2-seater baths.

Special accents

Y004_Mini BetteEmotion_02_Website_content.jpg

Our heart-shaped "Mini Emotion" bowl is made of the same material as our washbasins, bathtubs and shower trays. It completes your bathroom accessories with its simple elegance and also impresses with its versatile usability: as a serving plate for refreshing and soothing drinks, an artistic saucer for pastries or tasteful desserts, or as an exclusive gift with individual benefits. With the Bette "Mini Emotion" serving plate, you can take a piece of our quality design with you wherever you go.

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