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Care & Cleaning

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Item number: Z0015908
Even for stubborn limescale deposits. Not suitable for the BetteGlaze® Plus surface and BetteAnti-Slip Sense.
11,90 €
Item number: B57-0245
Spray cleaner with water-beading action for glazed titanium steel
11,90 €
Item number: Z0016912
Ideal for cleaning all surfaces in enamelled steel.
9,52 €
Item number: ZUB_0225
To touch up damage to enamel.
13,09 €
Item number: Z0007521
For stubborn deposits and impurities. Not suitable for matt Colours, BetteGlaze® Plus and BetteAnti-Slip Sense.
8,33 €
Item number: Z0008621
The disinfection liquid is a sterilising agent for whirlsystems.
63,07 €

Care products and cleaning agents from Bette

A stylish bathroom with long-lasting radiant bathroom products needs the right equipment for their cleaning and care. Bette products are known for their durability and flawlessly surfaces with robust properties. Our BetteGlaze® also makes them extremely hygienic and easy to clean. To ensure that you can enjoy long-lasting brilliance and cleanliness in your dream bathroom, proper care and cleaning of the bath, shower surface and washbasin is important - because not all cleaning agents are suitable for cleaning our first-class innovations made of glazed titanium steel.

Touch-up paint for chipped enamel, a gentle cleaner to remove stubborn stains in the bath or a product for reliable and chlorine-free disinfection of the whirlpool system. You can rely on the gentle power of our care and cleaning products - they are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely effective and versatile.

Gentle care wipes

Good cleaning cloths must meet the requirements of the surfaces to be cleaned. The Bette care cloth is optimally adapted to the properties of glazed titanium steel. The cloth can be used to safely clean products such as enamelled washbasins or our BetteFloor shower surfaces. The soft fleece of the Bette care cloth is gentle on the surface and leaves no marks. It can also be used as a care cloth for anti-slip coatings. It is important that the cloth is clean when used and does not contain any sharp particles that could cause damage when wiping baths and the like.

Our care cloth makes it easy to clean baths, shower trays and washbasins for a variety of reasons: Thanks to its high absorbency, the Bette care cloth can absorb cleaning agents excellently as well as effectively remove dirt and moisture from surfaces. Thanks to its high flexibility, the soft cloth can even reach difficult corners when cleaning shower trays and other bathroom products. In addition, the material's air permeability has an antibacterial effect, while its material properties make it robust and durable.


Spray cleaner for daily use

Cleaning high-quality bath products can be so easy. Although the BetteGlaze® makes it doubly easy for you, efficient cleaners also play their part. Our enamel spray cleaner with beading effect does not require any corrosive chemicals and is therefore also suitable as a bathroom cleaner for everyday use. Used regularly, it makes it easier for you to remove stains in the bath, helps you to maintain enamel or clean your shower tray.

Spray on, soak in, rub in, rinse, dry - that's how easy it should be if you want to clean your bath properly and give limescale deposits and water stains no chance. Our enamel cleaner not only helps you to clean glazed titanium steel, but also effectively prevents further contamination. There is no need for tedious scrubbing and annoyance about the result if you rely on the right care products and cleaning agents for the regular care and cleaning of enamelled washbasins, baths and shower trays.

Removing stubborn soiling

If the stains in the bathroom are nevertheless persistent and dull surfaces are to be cleaned, particularly effective cleaning agents are needed. Bette's cleaner paste for enamel removes limescale stains, dirt and discolouration while still being gentle on the surfaces. It is therefore ideally suited if you need the right cleaning agent for your enamel washbasin, want to make your bath shine again or want to clean your Bette shower thoroughly.

We recommend that you use Bette's enamel cleaner to remove stubborn stains from glazed bath products. It is adapted to the requirements of enamel and ensures that neither material damage nor gloss effects occur when cleaning the enamel surface. On the contrary: the enamel cleaner helps you to clean your washbasin, shower or bath effectively.

Repairing steel enamel


BetteGlaze® not only provides the best bathing comfort, it is also extremely robust. This means that the glazed titanium-steel surfaces of Bette products are very rarely damaged. However, should you ever need to repair chipped enamel, you can rely on our enamel  paint with a clear conscience. Remalle is a high quality touch-up enamel that makes it easy to repair scratches in the enamel.

Using our enamel touch-up  paint can be an effective way to seal damage to enamel surfaces, such as chipping or small cracks, and prevent further damage. Not only can baths, shower trays and washbasins be repaired quickly and easily with the enamel repair paint  With the right for repairing your enamel shower tray, you can even ensure that the small blemishes are barely noticeable.

Germ-free whirlpool system

Care and cleaning are just as essential for surfaces as they are for  whirlpool systems. For the full feel-good factor in an air-water system, such as our BetteJet, it should be cleaned and disinfected before or after use. There are a number of things to consider when disinfecting a whirlpool bath: The challenge is to maintain the functionality of the  bath in all aspects and at the same time ensure effective disinfection of the ystem.

Disinfectants for whirlpool baths must be able to provide preventive protection against germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as algae. In addition to the nozzles, the cleaning of the pumps and pipes must also be considered when disinfecting the whirlpool system. Our BetteDisinfection offers chlorine-free and formaldehyde-free whirlpool disinfection, which is gentle on the system and effectively disinfects the whirlpool bath- for perfect and long-lasting moments of well-being!

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