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Installation aids

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Item number: B57-042X
BetteLevel is a mounting foot that allows you to align your shower tray quickly, easily and without tools.
Item number: B50-62XX
Adjustment range 67-205 mm.
Item number: B50-60XX
Adjustment range 67-205 mm. Including sealing components.
Item number: B51-30XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm
Item number: B52-30XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm
Item number: B50-31XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm
Item number: B50-30XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm
Item number: B51-31XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm
Item number: B52-31XX
Adjustment range 80-200 mm

Spare parts for Bette installation aids

In order for your bathroom to shine in an attractive design with outstanding material quality, our high-quality Bette bathing products are given the finishing touches through safe and precise installation.

Professional installation aids with matching components are an important means of preventing water damage to baths and shower trays. Depending on the installation situation, there are different conditions to which the Bette bath products adapt perfectly. Spare parts for Bette installation systems are therefore important components that support the durability of the high-quality installation system and the stylish design of the bathroom products.

Stable adaptability

Not only baths need a stable bath foot - installation frames and foot systems are the hidden but fundamental basis for the stable standing of shower trays and shower surfaces. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to excellent quality and functionality here. If you need spare parts for the basic frame of your Bette shower or bath, you can find them here. 

The various components of our assembly systems provide your products with constant support. So you can enjoy not only the aesthetic design but also the stable balance of our products - for different frames and dimensions. Spare parts for support systems with height-adjustable feet can even be used to compensate for structural unevenness.


Bette installation systems Basic and Universal

The Bette installation systems Universal or Basic can achieve reliable stability in different installation situations thanks to their large adjustment range. As installation aids for different Bette showers, the systems optionally support floor-level, almost floor-level or raised installations with tile bases. The basis for this are height-adjustable feet. Spare parts for the installation systems developed by us, such as corner connectors, matching foot sets in various designs, a tiling aid or a decoupling profile, give your Bette installation system constant reliability and durability.

Bette foot system


The Bette foot system is based on a stable galvanised frame. As the installation frame is clamped under the rim of the shower trays, the installation aid achieves an excellent balance in the load distribution. This means you can place your shower trays and shower surfaces on a reliable base frame. Complex structural measures are not necessary with our modern installation system. 

Our foot system adapts to your individual circumstances. The feet can be used to determine the standing height of the shower surfaces and trays. The height adjusters create the basis for a balanced result that not only shines with stability. The frames are constructed in such a way that they meet the requirements of your Bette product, but do not restrict installation with inflexible specifications. This is ensured by individually selectable attachment points for the height-adjustable feet. You can obtain spare parts for the foot system of various Bette showers in our service shop. Whether it's a replacement corner element, a new round arch for the Corner foot system or either short or long connecting pieces for the Caro foot system - with the right spare parts, you get the necessary installation help for your Bette products.

Reliable sealing

Adaptability is not only a matter of the base frames. Individual installation situations also influence the sealing of bathroom products. When replacing Bette sealing components, you can rely on recurring quality and functionality. Appropriate shower seals for our Bette installation systems also provide protection against moisture penetration damage in new installations. The prefabricated sealing corners not only ensure precise sealing of shower trays, but also professional protection against water damage for floor-level shower surfaces and shower tiles. Our spare parts effectively protect corner joints and side walls from moisture damage - for example with the robust Bette sealing foil or the comprehensive sealing sets. The durable foil adhesive ensures reliable fixing of the sealing components. You can find spare parts for the efficient installation accessories here in the shop.

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